Ketogenic Living 101

By now I bet you’ve heard about the ketogenic way of eating (WOE) but are unsure of where to get started. Maybe you're asking yourself, is this safe for me?  Maybe you're wondering if it's sustainable. Maybe you’re tired of diet programs that deliver short terms-results with no lasting change.

The ketogenic lifestyle has improved many aspects of my life.  I no longer think of myself as barely surviving hormonal changes; I am now in the best shape of my life, thriving and happier than ever!

You can have the same for YOUR life!

In Ketogenic and Holistic Lifestyle coaching, we will spend seven weeks helping you transform your body and reclaim your health with keto.  



Whether you choose to be a part of a Facebook group or work with me 1:1, we will interact daily to inspire each other, stay accountable and include a safe place of positivity, so that you can feel uplifted even on the most challenging days. Science proves that individuals perform better when they feel supported, so let's do this together!



I believe there is no better food than keto food! I have survived hormonal changes, autoimmune issues and more by simply eating the right foods to support my whole-body's health! 


Program Guide

The program guide will tell you exactly what you need to do each week. I'll be right there with you throughout the program, but some of us like to have that extra reference point, so that's where the program guide comes into play.

Ketogenic Living includes:

  • Seven weeks to adopting a ketogenic lifestyle, including one Prep Week

  • A full 50+ page program guide, including a two-week carb cleanse to ease into the ketogenic way of eating

  • Weekly workouts that you can do at home or at the gym

  • Custom-set macronutrient targets to help you reach your health and fitness goals

  • Recipes and Food Guides

  • Science behind keto and why it is so effective for your whole body health

  • Daily ketogenic nutrition coaching with me in 1:1 private sessions or inside our private Facebook group

  • Optional aromatherapy coaching is also available

Ketogenic Living is a very hands-on approach to helping you create a sustainable ketogenic lifestyle.  We will help you get into ketosis, burn body fat, gain energy, balance your hormones and feel amazing!

Have more questions or ready to get started? Feel free to connect with me using the contact form in my website.  CLICK HERE



Heather Weatherford

After a shoulder injury at the gym left me in pain for months, with no relief in sight, I decided to finally seek treatment. While X-raying my shoulder for injury, it was discovered I had Osteoarthritis in both of my shoulders and neck. I also discovered when stepping on the scale I was the heaviest I’d ever been. My chiropractor, along with a treatment plan, suggested I cut out inflammatory foods. I took to the internet to research what I could and couldn’t eat. Can I just tell you how much conflicting information is out there on the subject? Next, I asked the FACEBOOK brain collective and had several people suggest the ketogenic way of eating to me as an option. Keto has always seemed impossible to me because I’m a vegetarian. I didn’t think there was any way I could make it work without eating meat. Knowing Susan was a coach, I reached out to find out about her program and if this could work for me. Within days she sat down with me to discuss how this could work for me. She went over in detail my lifestyle and how Keto works. Susan talked me through all of my concerns, what foods I could substitute and how I could still eat out, yay Mexican food! She gave me custom macros, showed me how to set up and use the My Fitness Pal app to track them, and my keto journey began. Susan was in contact with me daily, whether responding to my daily food diary, sending me recipes or answering my questions. She was available to me anytime and was super quick to respond. She shifted my macros when I was having trouble making it work for me and even helped me figure out what to order at my favorite Indian restaurant. I honestly feel as though if I had tried keto on my own, I would have failed. Now 10 weeks in it is so easy for me. My cravings for non-keto foods are gone and I don’t feel deprived at all. I have so many tools in my belt to set me up for success. My inflammation and pain are dramatically reduced, and I can finally sleep through the night without pain meds. Bonus, I’ve lost 20+ pounds, and I actually like the way I look and feel again! Susan still checks in on me and is always available to help if I have a question or concern. This program has truly been life changing and so worth it for me.