My Story

Hi, I'm Susan


the back story…

As long as I can remember, I've had a love affair with sugar. Growing up, my mom loved to bake, and we always had yummy homemade desserts in the house. I was even allowed to have a slice of cake as my breakfast any time I wanted to! So I guess it shouldn't have come as a big surprise when I was diagnosed with Hypoglycemia at the age of 18. At that point, watching what and when I ate became a serious thing for me. A few years later during my pregnancy, I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes. By the age of 30, I had developed Vitiligo, an autoimmune disease that affects the pigment of the skin. Thankfully I was able to reverse approximately 90% of it through my own holistic plan, which included changing my diet. 

I've always been “health conscious” and loved working out whether it be a variety of group fitness classes or running. But as I began to get older, I started to struggle with belly fat, feeling bloated and difficulty losing the weight even when running 4-6 miles, 4-5 days a week. I also continued to feed my sugar cravings. As an adult, I would keep a jar of the mini candy-bars on my desk at work "for everyone else" and would end up eating the whole jar in less than 2 days. I even remember times when I was craving a candy bar so badly that I would stop and buy one on the way home and then devour it as soon as I was in the car. I couldn’t even wait until I got home to eat it. Does this sound familiar? Does it sound like an addiction to you? Yes, it does to me too.

my education and experience...

American College of Healthcare Sciences
Portland, OR – Holistic health distance education
Holistic Nutrition & Wellness Coaching

AFAA – Athletics and Fitness Association of America
Certified Group Fitness Instructor, 2010

Brain Balance Center of Raleigh
Owner & Center Director, 2/2011 – 1/2015
A non-medical, drug-free program for children struggling behaviorally, socially and academically. Brain Balance takes a holistic and integrated approach that is customized to meet the needs of each child.

Functional Neurology Seminars
March 2012-October 2012 (7 Modules)
International Association of Functional Neurology and Rehabilitation
Childhood Developmental Learning Disabilities and Behavioral Disorders
100 hrs of post graduate training

Young Living Essential Oil Independent Distributor
March 2014

Ketogenic Living Certified Coach (NASM, AFAA, Canfitpro Approved)
April 2018

my story today...

October of 2016, I heard about the ketogenic way of eating and my husband and I started our keto journey primarily to lose the stubborn weight around our middle. We practiced lazy keto for the first 12-15 months, and both of us experienced a surprising amount of weight loss in our targeted area, mental clarity, and a sustained energy level.  Much to my surprise, the “hot flashes” I was experiencing became barely noticeable and the night sweats became a non-event. I’m now 53 years old, and I feel amazing! At my last physical in July 2017, the doctor said to me, “whatever you’re doing, keep doing it”. Isn’t that what we all want to hear?

I’ve shared a little information about the keto WOE on Facebook mainly through pictures and recipes of the foods we are eating. Several friends responded with interest and questions about how to do it. While I enjoyed trying to help others in this area, I found myself feeling like I needed/wanted to be more knowledgeable in order to do it properly. This is what led me to act on becoming a certified keto coach with Ketogenic Living 101. I now know that I can officially offer guidance and knowledge to those wanting to re-capture and take charge of, not only their health, but their life!

It is my goal to utilize all that I’ve learned about fitness through movement, aromatherapy/essential oils, neurology, and the ketogenic WOE to help my clients find their WELLSPRING OF WELLNESS and live their best life.

All The Feels!

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Growing up I was always healthy and fit.  I graduated high school weighing 110 pounds max.  I was very confident in myself, but my metabolism changed in my twenties after having two beautiful children and working long hours in a sedentary job.  I traveled for work as well and "ate on the run" often.  I suffered years of depression and reached my all time high of 310 pounds by my early thirties.  My first major weight loss occurred during a rough time in my life where my prior husband left me and my two young boys one day.  I lost nearly 100 pounds within a year by exercising and eating healthier/smaller portions.  I regained much of my confidence and re-married my current husband in my my late thirties. 

I tried so many weight loss programs:  Weight Watchers, Fasts, Medi-Weight Loss, Atkins, Liquid name it, I tried it.  None seemed to work and I never maintained energy.  I would lose a few and then gain a few, time and time again.  In 2012, my husband and I were in a serious motorcycle accident in which I lost the use of my legs for some time.  I spent a year in therapy to regain the use.  We are literally walking miracles!  During this time, I put on 50 pounds getting me up to 250.  Since then, I tried the same old diets.  I was able to get down to 215, but kept re-gaining each time.  I was constantly tired.  I spent lots of money in the gym and on trainers during 2018, but could never seem to lose any more weight.  I was frustrated and so tired of the constant battle with no further results.  I was "tired of being tired" too!  

In November 2018, I kept hearing about the Keto way of life.  Friends from church spoke about it often, but mainly just spoke about the weight loss.  I asked a good friend if she knew anything about the Keto lifestyle and she shared a Facebook group to help me learn more.  This was Susan Melillo's page that I joined.  With lots of questions on Keto, I decided to ask Susan to meet with me to tell me more about the "Keto Way".  I was of course amazed to learn of the real benefits of Keto on the bodies is so much more than just weight loss.  That's just the cherry on top!  I had hit my rock bottom and was set in my mind that this was my time to do whatever it takes to get my health back.  I needed accountability and a coach to help me on this journey.  My mind was made up and I understood going in my commitment.  Not only to my new coach, but to myself.   I started Prep Week on December 10, 2018 weighing 228 pounds.

 I was quickly amazed that even though I started this journey during the Christmas holiday, I was able to follow the program.  I found early on that eating Keto provided clarity and energy levels I was not used to.  I wasn't hungry all the time and I could do so much more.  My skin became clearer...I had a glow.  I felt so much better.  Joints began to not be inflamed.  I was able to get my earrings back in after years of inflammation that prevented me to get earrings in one of my earlobes.  Clothes began to fit better and then eventually became baggy on me.  Everyone could see a change in me.  Not just physically, but emotionally.  I just felt happy all the time.  Positive, happy, energetic...just felt good about me.  Things just didn't get me down anymore.  

Through this all, Susan was by my side encouraging me every step of the day.  Supporting me, providing articles / recipes, emailing encouragement, looking up menus online for work dinners, meeting me to talk through my concerns and to shop!  I'm not going to lie.  There were times when I didn't get my macros where they needed to be for the day or eat enough and my coach was there to let me know where I needed to improve and how to get there.  My mind would tell me "So what...she shouldn't say anything.  You have been doing so good so far.  So what's wrong with cheating?  Why does she have to critique every little thing?"  But I was able to realize that she was my Coach, my friend, my cheerleader.  She was doing what I needed her to do and this was for my life and she cared.  So I looked forward to the feedback even if it was telling me I did something that was not the "Keto Way".  I had to learn and she always encouraged even when correcting me.   My health was important enough to me to make the best use of my coach.  

As of February 3, 2019 I was down to 212.  The lowest I have been so many years.  Almost 20 pounds!  Of course, Keto is so much more.  It's a lifestyle. A way of improving your overall health.  So what's next for me?  A month of keeping a journal and working on furthering my exercise routines.  Then I am ready to increase my knowledge of this amazing Keto Life through further coaching sessions.  I'm not stopping here.  I am going to reach my end goal and I know I have a true friend and coach in Susan that will get me there!  Love you Susan...thank you so much for getting me in one month to overcome those things that I have fought to overcome for so many years. Your program is worth so much more than you is changing lives. 

See you soon for Phase 2 of my journey!  I am so ready for this to continue until I meet all my health goals.  —Jenn Pearce