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Wellspring Health and Wellness is dedicated to helping you discover the healthiest version of yourself.  Wellness is a lifelong self-directed journey towards achieving your best physical, mental and emotional health.

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About Wellspring Health and Wellness

Meet Susan

In my life, I've experienced Hypogylycemia, Gestational Diabetes, Vitiligo, hormonal changes and a mean sugar addiction. I've worked and been educated in Healthcare Sciences, Hemispheric Integration, Group Fitness techniques, and Holistic Health practices.  I've added being a Certified Ketogenic Living coach because I'm passionate about the impact keto can have on one's health.

It’s my goal to utilize all that I’ve learned about: fitness through movement, aromatherapy/essential oils, living a balanced hemispheric lifestyle, and the ketogenic way of eating (WOE) to help my clients find their WELLSPRING OF WELLNESS and live their best life!

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The Food

High Fat + Moderate Protein + Minimal Carbohydrates


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What the heck is it?

The Ketogenic Way of Eating ... Simply put: you eat foods that fuel your body, limit your glycemic response and nourish your brain.  I believe that when we make conscious, deliberate and informed choices about the food we eat, we take control of our health in a very powerful way.  The foundation of a ketogenic lifestyle is eating simple foods that are filled with healthy fat and moderate protein.  If you want to eat and feel the best you ever have, join me today in Ketogenic Living 101.



I had limped along with the knowledge I had of “eating ketogenic” for close to a year and I was just not getting the results.  I’d lost a significant amount of weight using Atkins about 18 years ago but my metabolism had changed dramatically and I was putting in 100% of the effort and getting literally zero results.  Susan was able to meticulously walk me through my diet and she was able to coach me on where I needed to modify my approach.  After following her advice I’ve lost 30 pound and I am still going.  Her encouragement, advice and recipe suggestions were all invaluable to my success and I could not recommend her services more highly. —CG